If you celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary within the last year, please complete the form below to be considered for an upcoming feature on the Post-Gazetteā€™s Tuesday Celebrations page. Your responses will appear in a question and answer format and will include a photo of you and your spouse. You will be contacted via e-mail if your story is selected to run in print and online at post-gazette.com/celebrations. First consideration will be given to couples who have placed paid Celebrations announcements.

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(Please answer at least 8 of the following 12 questions. All responses should be written in first person ("I"). Please identify who is answering each question. Example: Alice: Bob and I first met at Kennywood. It was love at first sight.)

How did you meet?

Who introduced you?

Where did you each grow up?

Who proposed? How?

Where were you married? Why did you choose that site?

Where's the reception and honeymoon? Why did you choose those sites?

What is your favorite wedding memory?

Are there any current wedding trends that you wish you could have incorporated?

Do you still own any of your wedding gifts? If so, what?

What is the secret to your successful marriage?

What activity do you enjoy doing most as a couple?

How did you celebrate your anniversary?

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Photo should be sent as a PDF or JPG file and must be at least 170 dpi. Good quality b/w or color photos with clear, sharp contrasts work best.

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